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Optimizing point of sales: less inefficiency, more profitability


by Vanessa Curti

In the context of Visual Merchandising, allocating display space to individual products sold – particularly in the Food&Beverage sector – is a priority to be analysed in detail, as it is a possible source of critical issues.

Hidden costs and improved efficiency of refrigerated display cabinet


by Francesco Mastrapasqua


Studies on the life cycle cost analysis of refrigerated display cabinet and plug-in – with a special focus on the Beverage market – show positive trends in reference to energy consumption.

Digitization of Refrigerated display cabinet: IARP's case history


by Davide Bargero

In the era of digitization, it is increasingly important for bars to offer the advantages afforded by the online world.

IARP — an Epta Group brand which has been operating for years in the field of commercial refrigeration — has taken on the challenge of offering its clients refrigerated display...

The 3 advantages of well structured customer service for plug-ins


by Vanessa Curti

Quality is the watchword to keep in mind for companies that want to proceed with the purchase of plug-ins in the Food&Beverage sector.

Refrigerated display cabinet: focus on energy consumption and pollution


by Vanessa Curti

 The needs of Visual Merchandising can no longer be separated from increasing focus on energy consumption—both in terms of overall savings as well as environmental sustainability.

How to increase sales with plug-ins: Iarp's case history


by Davide Bargero

The case history presented analyses an aspect that is particularly felt in the Food&Beverage market: the strategic positioning of displays in physical stores.

Brand promotion strategy through refrigerated display cabinet


by Vanessa Curti

Over the past few years, visual merchandising and brand identity have become increasingly complementary depending on the in-store sales growth targets, particularly in the beverage sector.

Visual merchandising techniques that managers should always avoid


by Vanessa Curti

Analysing potential mistakes in terms of visual merchandising techniques and visual merchandising technology, with a special focus on the beverage industry, can be a useful, profitable way for brand managers and others to avoid them and even obtain better sales numbers.

Increase sales through a better brand experience


by Davide Bargero

Are you trying to improve consumer behaviour towards your brand?

The creation of greater appeal inevitably passes through the brand experience offered in those opportunities for contact with the company.

F gas Regulations: 2018 details about the HFC-free solution


by Davide Bargero

EU regulation 517/2014 issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU has ratified the progressive elimination of HFCs with the highest GWP (Global Warming Potential) levels, commonly found in the refrigeration industry.

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