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 Iarp is the Epta brand renowned for its plug-in cabinets. Iarp’s distinctive trait is its know-how  and ability to produce ad hoc plug-ins, including on an exclusive basis, for Food&Beverage sector.

The brand also has a longstanding tradition in the development of solutions for the display and sale of ice-cream.

Vanessa Curti

Vanessa Curti
Communication Manager, Epta

She had more than 10 years of experience in marketing communication at Epta. She manages all aspects of corporate and product communication strategy with a particular focus on digital applications with a deep knowledge of Retail, F&B and segments. Epta has a particular attention for strategic, innovative and digital communication and aims to apply new advanced technologies to promote products of its brands.
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Recent Posts

Visual merchandising techniques that managers should always avoid


by Vanessa Curti


Analysing potential mistakes in terms of visual merchandising techniques and visual merchandising technology, with a special focus on the beverage industry, can be a useful, profitable way for brand managers and others to avoid them and even obtain better sales numbers.

Brand promotion strategy through commercial display fridges


by Vanessa Curti

Over the past few years, visual merchandising and brand identity have become increasingly complementary depending on the in-store sales growth targets, particularly in the beverage sector.

Increase sales & brand awareness with customized fridge display units


by Vanessa Curti


The goal of every company interested in strengthening their position on the market and in customer’s minds is to increase brand awareness. To reach it, brick & mortar stores are a valuable element. 

Visual Merchandising techniques for a better Brand communication


by Vanessa Curti

Not everyone exploits visual merchandising and its advantages to increase sales and brand awareness, but nowadays it is very important to know how it works and which aspects can improve your brand communication.

Optimized point of sale display with a new display refrigerator


by Vanessa Curti

In the context of Visual Merchandising, allocating display space to individual products sold – particularly in the Food&Beverage sector – is a priority to be analysed in detail, as it is a possible source of critical issues.

Brand image to improve shopping experience


by Vanessa Curti


A generic shopping experience cannot create positive memories for the brand.

The difficulties in being remembered are often due to failure to use suitable tools for the utmost exploitation of the areas and hot points identified within the retail spaces.

Store layout: evolution of store layout design and visual merchandising


by Vanessa Curti

Within the beverage segment, like other market sectors, in-store visual merchandising techniques are subject to continuous evolution aimed at optimising the sales processes.

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