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Brand promotion strategy through commercial display fridges


commercial display fridges

Over the past few years, visual merchandising and brand identity have become increasingly complementary depending on the in-store sales growth targets, particularly in the beverage sector.

More than ever, the physical store has to be looked at as a place to sell more than just merchandise: today consumers crave experiences.

The different strategies of brand promotion try to understand and reflect aspirational lifestyle choices. The storefront window is the beginning of the reflection, that must continue inside the shop, first of all with innovative in-store commercial display fridges.


What are the innovative trends in brand promotion strategy with commercial display fridges?


commercial display fridges


The most rewarding results are given by manufacturers that can offer plug-ins that bring together a mix of valuable elements.

These solutions combine technology, design, and, above all, a coherent and effective strategy to promote both the items and the client’s brand.


Which characteristics must the customer care and after-sales services have to perform? And how can they represent a targeted investment for buyers in the sector?


Today, more than ever, it is important for a business to stand out from the herd and be better than competitors.

Since modern consumers, especially millennials, look for an emotional shopping experience, you must focus on a specific and original brand promotion strategy: remember to be, first of all, eye-candy and attractive.



Commercial display fridges: the strong points offered by innovation and customization 


Technology enables having plug-ins available in optimised sizes, that can ensure broad visibility to beverages (bottles, cans, etc.) in any display context.

The major players in the market, such as EPTA through the IARP brand, offer displays featuring a multitude of innovative factors.

In the case of the IARP brand, the degree of customization is very high. The brand offers clients consultancy in order to create plug-ins custom-made to size and shape, based on the sales targets to reach.

In addition to the principle of tailor-made products, sustainability also plays an important role in this sector’s landscape. The systems, based on natural refrigerants such as propane gas, can ensure top performance, save big on energy and reduce maintenance to a minimum.


commercial display fridges 

Design strong points of innovative in-store commercial display fridges


Trends are shifting towards clean, minimalist lines, LED lighting that can generate the best light to highlight products and their strengths, making them stand out—with even more positive effects,  on maintenance and energy use.

Your business will not be able to reach its full potential without the use of the correct type of display case. For this reason, retail, as for bars and other types of stores and premises, choose plug-ins that can optimise smaller floor areas, with a high item load and display capacity.

Plug-ins with frameless” type glazing are also met with broad success, where products are highlighted through wide windows and increasingly thinner frames.

All these elements can naturally adapt to the client’s brand communication.


Commercial display fridges customization to promote impulse purchases


Hence the customization of displays becomes an additional key factor in sales policy. EPTA, through the IARP brand, has again blazed an important path in view of customizing displays, thanks to its own laser printing systems on sheet metal and to an interactivity system placed on cabinets which knows no rivals.

In fact, some IARP plug-ins could be equipped with transparent full HD screen built into the glass door, and an audio system that carries promotional contents and eye-catching campaigns: Customers can play, share on social networks and interact with the innovative display cabinets.

Interaction today is fundamental, especially for millennials: consumers always want to share with others what they do, what they think and feel. That’s why each business should, for example, customize its refrigerated display cabinet, and ask themselves: what are customers really looking for?

Combining the client’s brand communication principles, the plug-ins thus designed can convey the brand’s values and distinguishing features.

In other words, they help forge that emotional engagement with the consumer, required to drive the impulse purchase.


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