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Custom made refrigerator: case history by IARP and EPTA Refrigeration


custom made refrigerator

The evolution of visual merchandising has led to maximising the emotions tied to the product purchase process.

This is why traditional Points Of Sale have more recently been designed first as Points Of Purchase and later as Points of Experience.

And it is the experience that we can convey to the consumer that is the key element for providing an extra push towards impulse purchases.


Custom made refrigerator: Plug-in customization


What elements should therefore be leveraged to increase this type of purchase?

The success of the IARP brand on the market, in addition to the intrinsic quality of the products and the very high standards of after-sales services, is based on the degree of customization of the refrigerant plug-ins, designed and created for the specific needs of the client.

Thanks to constant investments in technology and innovation, the EPTA Group, owner of the IARP brand, can customize plug-ins through laser printing directly on sheet metal, following the client’s branding and corporate identity principles.

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custom made refrigerator

The tailor-made plug-ins have the distinctive feature of being unique products, i.e. able to stand out from competitors on the market, capturing the customer’s attention.

Thanks to customization, EPTA is a partner of major manufacturers in the beverage sector.

Based on these elements, the 15-year partnership between IARP and one of the major producers in the field of energy drinks was born.

For this client, IARP created a range of plug-ins that confer excellent visibility of products, thanks to the design - specially crafted to emphasise slender lines, bright colours, and the equipment’s adaptability to all spaces, following the principles of the client’s brand communication.


Custom made refrigerator: designs, down to the size


Not only did the plug-in customization concern the graphics layout  but the full design of the solutions offered.

The company has been able to create displays that, by their size and shape, can maximise the space available, promoting consumers’ impulse purchases.


The additional strengths of IARP brand plug-ins


If these elements were not sufficient to highlight EPTA’s great attention towards the client, take a look at the additional strengths concerning the reliability and sustainability of the company’s products.

Outfitted with LED lighting, high efficency compressors and electronic fan motors, IARP brand plug-ins enable some of the lowest energy use in the category, and a very high degree of sustainability in terms of respect for the environment, as they use natural R290 refrigerant gases.

Overall, IARP products, focusing on high quality, offer extremely high durability, along with the equally important aspect of being maintenance-free.


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Marketing Manager Food & Beverage Iarp
His directly and constant experience in IARP sales department since 1992, allows him to know deeply the international market and necessities of customers also in terms of merchandising and latest technological solution for the best impulse experience. Epta and its brand IARP, have a special focus and experience in design and development of customized products, included those for exclusive international customers of F&B and ice-cream segments.