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EPTA Refrigeration: why choosing Iarp refrigerated display cabinet


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IARP is a brand under the EPTA group, a multinational specialised in commercial refrigeration and in customized refrigerated display cabinets. 

Why do so many companies choose IARP brand refrigerated display cabinets and cases to give their products visibility?

To start with, because IARP is part of a reliable Group.

The EPTA group numbers

EPTA’s numbers speak for themselves: 5000 employees, 888 million turnover, 11 facilities around the world, from China to Argentina.

Innovation is at the heart of EPTA. Promoting innovative strength is a culture that involves the whole Company. Cutting-edge technology, professionalism and reliability are must-haves.

Over the past 5 years, EPTA has earmarked approx 50 million Euros to design solutions that are ahead of the times, and has a team of around 100 engineers.

All this to offer operators in the Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Beverage sectors comprehensive industrialised solutions, that can meet any technical and display requirement, anywhere in the world.

EPTA’s innovation doesn't just stop at the product:  The Group is at the forefront in the process of transforming facilities into “factories of the future”, thanks to the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge machinery, robotized lines and software with a 4.0 angle.


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An example of 4.0 investment in customized refrigerated display cabinet: EPTA Refrigeration & SAP HANA


For EPTA, meeting the peculiarities of Industry 4.0 thus means making major investments.

Among the developments of the past few years, EPTA has also chosen SAP HANA, a new SAP platform based on in-memory computing technology. 

Thanks to SAP HANA, EPTA can manage big data reporting and develop predictive algorithms to serve its customers with increasing precision.

refrigerated display cabinets

The competitive edge of this technological investment translates into the ability to collect and analyse data, enabling complex processing that can anticipate market needs.


Benefits for companies choosing IARP in customized refrigerated display cabinet


If innovation in both the process and the product is a key way forward, the EPTA strategy simultaneously focuses on experience as a focal element of the customer journey, since today impulse purchases require ever-increasing attention by players in the Food&Beverage sector.

The competitive advantage consists in the capacity of data collection and analysis, allowing complex processing and able to anticipate market requests, prevent malfunctions and speed up the assistance process.

The purchase of customized refrigerated display cabinet for its stores does not end with the installation of the plug-in, but proceeds with highly innovative services aimed at the best possible assistance and continuous improvement in performance.

Contact EPTA to find the solution tailored to your needs and get the most out of the service.

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Marketing Manager Food & Beverage Iarp
His directly and constant experience in IARP sales department since 1992, allows him to know deeply the international market and necessities of customers also in terms of merchandising and latest technological solution for the best impulse experience. Epta and its brand IARP, have a special focus and experience in design and development of customized products, included those for exclusive international customers of F&B and ice-cream segments.