Customer care and after-sales services: everything needed to optimize the product life-cycle


The guarantee of a long-lasting and efficient life cycle of a plug-in display is mainly based on the choice of a partner, which is able to produce and market high quality products and offer a punctual and effective after-sales service.


Which characteristics must the customer care and after-sales services have to perform? And how can they represent a targeted investment for buyers in the sector?

Which are the characteristics that make a reliable Partner both in terms of products and assistance?



"Choosing a plug-in for the food&beverage sector involves careful consideration of various factors, such as: Design, Ability to promote the brand, Energy Savings, Optimum Size, Environmental Sustainability. But we shouldn’t forget to focus on the quality of the displays."


To analyze these aspects in detail we have prepared a guide, to offer advice on buying new plug-ins. Download it, it's completly free!